Sunday, 1 July 2012


This post has been published by me as a part of the blog-a-ton ;the 29th edition of the online marathon of bloggers ; where we decide and we write. To be the part of the next edition, visit and start following blog-a-ton . The topic for this month is "TWO MINUTES"

He was a soldier, only this much is known
Sitting gloomy in the rough terrain, he looked at his phone
Pressing it in his hands, he cursed its battery
"Had it worked for two minutes, i would have called my family"

The bugle of the war rang, it was the time to fight
Two nations locked their horns, to show their might
This soldier too, marched into the battlefield
with the heart of a lion and guts of steel
Victory was near only one post remained
But a bullet pierced his heart, he met his end.

Hot as a furnace, a place so grum
"Open your eyes"
spoke a giant figure called Yam
"Your time is over, wecome to my kingdom"

The soldier's soul regained its calm.
"Sir please grant me two minutes to spare
I want to call my family,living out there."

"First of all, i will ring my wife
And say to her that she had been a love of my life.
Never, ever, to mourn my demise
Because i am a soldier, a martyr never dies.

I will be there for you, even the heaven agrees
Not in flesh and bones but in your pleasant memories
I will tell my son to study very hard
And become as brave as his dad once was.

I will tell my mom to be proud of me
Because death is every soldier's destiny
Not to drop a tear for me
And show the world, from where i inherited bravery."

Yam touched by his words
Said "yes i allow.
Your two minutes starts from now"

With a jerk, he woke from his sleep
He remembered the oath he has pledged to keep.
He was breathing again and this was the fact
His phone was in his hands, with its battery intact.

The very next second, he threw his phone away
He picked up his weapons and joined the fray.
Invincible he looked, blazing was his gun
The post was captured, the battle was won.

Blood rush stopped, his heart ceased to beat
His time was up, was time to retreat.
His body dropped dead, this was a curious case
He died once again,but with a smile on his face.

"Oh you fool"
thundered Yam
This is a case of treachery
I gave you two minutes.
And you choose to deceive me?"

"Sorry my lord, but as you can see,
My country was in the desperate need of me.
I have lived long, long enough for my family
I became a soldier to die for my country."

(This post earned a silver batom in this contest. )

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  1. Ash Sharma,

    Welcome to Blog-a-Ton!
    This is one of the soulful poem I read in the recent past and you rhyme so well. Keep it up.

    Regarding your post link, it is not hyperlink properly. Could you please verify it once? If you need any help, ping me on chat. Best of luck! Keep writing..

    Someone is Special

    1. Kindly, please link you blog post link instead of your blog link. Help needed? Check this - Ash Sharma - Two Minutes

      Someone is Special

    2. I did update in back end. Keep writing! Also, add Google Connect, Subscribe by Email, and other useful widgets to your blog. If you need an example, visit here

      Someone is Special

  2. Hey Ash, that was a lovely ATB!!

    btw, your comments are pale green on a violet back ground - makes it difficult to read :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you :-) yea i will change it as soon as i learn the procedure to change it.

  3. Lovely poem Ash! Both the emotional part and the final twist where he chooses to use his 2 minutes to continue the battle!

  4. Well written, and all the best for BAT!

  5. Great piece....loved this war poem. The last part brought tears to my eyes. Jai Hind!
    All the best, Ash

  6. It has been ages since I've read anything patriotic. You just breathed new life into the genre! Great work!

  7. Wonderful storytelling through a poem...well done


  8. Great, superb!! A twist in the end was too good!! :) ATB!

  9. You have a very nice thought process!. I loved the poem and the overall construct in general. ATB! :)

  10. just if you could force some attitude while he speaks to YAM in the end..........else perfect :)

    1. Thanks.. Well i have intentionally kept the apologetic tone for the end just to intensify the aura that was created when Yam berated him. Just to sound it more realistic, nothing else :-)

  11. haha... Loved the ending. hmhm hmhmn.... Is anybody in yor family in Military???

    1. No sir, nobody from my family is in military. My poem is a tribute to brave and selfless soldiers who defy death just to serve their nations.

  12. Wonderful Poem .. Loved the end most ..

    All the Best

  13. Good work. Keep it up. I really liked it.

  14. Its a winner and justly so. I believe this is one of the first poetic takes to ever win a BAT so kudos to you for that.