Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Scary Holi

The festival of holi knocks the door. The festival of colour. With joy all around, making this po em scary is so much fun.

I wake up in the season of festivity
I see outside, People playing holi.
Drenched in water, draped in hues
Looking like zombies.
Approaching me with bloodshot eyes
Oh god! should i be scared?
Will they rob me, or will they kill me?

Written for Word count by Mama Zen

Sunday, 24 March 2013


No, Don't be afraid, open the portals of your heart
Let me sneak ,my way in  silently

Hush! Do not speak, I know what is in your heart
Let your eyes confess to me, Silently

 Now the silence surrounds us in tranquility
let me make you mine in this silence, Silently.

Whatever may come, we will face it together
You will find me walking beside you, Silently.

No, even  the death cant part us now
because i will come following you