Sunday, 30 September 2012

Money doesnt grow on the tree

Money doesnt grow on the tree
says my mom, refusing my pocket money
our expenditures are getting higher
you have to curb your desire
As she left for shopping, not more can i agree
the fact that money doesnt grow on the tree

Money doesnt grow on the tree
says our college department calculating my fee
we had a limited budget, we can grant only few
scholarships are meant for the poor, not intelligent ones like you
so keep calm if you want a degree
you know money doesnt grow on the tree

Money doesnt grow on the tree
says my boss, on increasing my salary
your salary is just fine
so now do your work, dont whine
our company cant go on a bonus spree
as you see money doesnt grow on the tree

Money doesnt grow on the tree
says the pension officer, sipping his tea
you dont look old rather you look fit
you must be aware our country is in deficit
I have a lot of work to do so excuse me please
unfortunately money doesnt grow on the tree

Money doesnt grow on trees
I am sick and tired of hearing all these
our economy just sank
our wealth, went to the, swiss bank
Our pm said this with such an ease
that money doesnt grow on trees.

Sunday, 23 September 2012



Losing my identity

Is acquiring of my self


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Saturday, 22 September 2012


World is indeed a beautiful place. But this cover of beauty hides appaling realities, realities which changes conceptions, realities which create panic, destroy youth and begets monsters.
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Rifle in their hands
grenades on uniform
eyes on the mission

Undying social stigma
With religion and poverty
Lies dead humanity

Baked in hatred
Scarred and demented mind
Vengeful spirit

A Killing machine
Terrorised world watches
birth of a monster.

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Saturday, 8 September 2012


Modernity has influenced our lives in many ways. Maybe our values and virtues too.

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Selfless care and love
Years of drudgery for petty whims
Easily forgotton?

Their poor old parents
Weeded out by modern family
rendered helpless

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Milky Way

Milky way, our galaxy harbours many cosmic entities and numerous solar systems. All share a kinlike relationship with each other.
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A spiral galaxy
Abode of stars and planets
Living as family

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The Moon has always been a symbol of hope. After the darkest of nights, Full moon shines again..

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A Celestial body
Revolving around the earth
In orbital space

When the sun retires
Lost travellers in the night
are guided by the moonlight

In the darkest hour
A silver radiance of hope
Dispels dispair mist.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Strangers in the Night

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A dark february night and i was walking briskly on the lonely streets. A february night couldnt be more chilly when its 10 pm in the night and you have very well crossed your deadline set up by your parents.

What was driving me crazy was a missed call by my dad which infact happens on the rarest of rare occasions. I had no sense of the time as i was enjoying merrily in the fest of the LSR college. I hurridly rushed to the nearest metro station and boarded the standing metro at the station which was set for central secretariat.

At central secretariat i needed to change for the yellow line. presumly the last metro was waiting there and i wasted no time in reserving my seat which was not difficult as the metro was relatively less crowded at that moment of time. As the metro doors began to close, a girl hurridly rushed in. she was panting and after a while grabbed her seat opposite to mine.

That girl, She was wearing a dark tight dress, had few crimson locks in her lush dark hair. Her eyes were full of anxiety but were deep enough to kindle any poets imaginations. Ofcourse she had kindled mine and i couldn't resist looking at her, staring at her, compelling me to drown in her profound enchantment. she slided her crimson locks over here ears and looked at me.

Caught offguard, i looked at the other side.

"Hey are you from Apeejay school?"  She fired a question at me
" Hi Neha" i launched the reply.
" umm well its Nihita"  she said.
"oops, sorry"  I answered sheepishly

" Never mind, anyway glad to meet you" she said with a smile and came to sit near me. I could sense her presence giving me goosebumps.
" Same here, So how are you? And by the way in which college have you taken admission?" I asked
" I have taken admission in JMC, today was their fest so i got quite late in that stuff. what are you doin here at this moment?"
I tried to evade this question but couldnt escape her questioning eyes.

" I attended the LSR fest today" 
" Well thats nice" she said with the smile, the smile covered some secrets, some anxiety and i wanted to uncover that.

" Howz ur College goin? " I asked.

she hesitated for a while and said " well not so good," Seriousness wrinkled on her face silently ebbing her smile. " Since you are from my school, i can discuss about that with you. I am not sure whether i could continue with my subject. I liked it initially but now i am finding hard to score in this. I didnt get good marks in the semester exam. I am in a serious doubt whether i have made a right choice about my future. Oh God, what shall i do now" she sunk her head into her hands.

" If you believe me, you were one of the most brillant minds i have ever come across. Initially in my 12th i couldnt score well in my economics despite having interest in it. I took a deep breath and restarted my effort, cracked the basic of the subject. as a result, i scored 95 in my boards. This was your dream, your passion. The spark needed is clearly visible in your eyes. Just dont give up. Wait, analyse your shortcomings, work on your strenghts listen to your heart and the most important of all, Have faith because we all had that on you." 

I could seen her smile reinventing itself on her face, a true one which lighted my heart, a spark in her eyes which captured me once again in its grasp and i kept on looking at her till

"Hauz Khas station, Mind the gap" the lady announcer announced. I stood up and spoke

"Well i have to take a leave now and by the way, I am not from Apeejay school"

She was shocked and speechless "Then whaaai"
"It was fun talking to you" i interrupted " Best of luck and good bye Nihita"

She paused, her smile grew once again "Same here, Thank you and good bye!!!.. Stranger"
I gave a loud chuckle.

* * * * *

As the doors of the metro closed after me, I turned to see her shaking her head on her stupidy, but i knew she had not commited one.

Nihita Mathur, class topper, a prolific debator. Sober and humble. A member of the prefectorial board. My junior.
I had a secret crush on her but my heart knows it was much more than that. I always wanted to talk to her, befriend her and tell her what my heart thinks for her but was never able to muster that confidence. When i got to know that she had a boyfriend, i concentrated hard on my studies, stopped thinking about her. Eventually they had a breakup after their board exams. I hoped that we could meet someday somehow,sometime soon maybe as the "strangers in the night", Today was the day...

My legs worked on their own as my brain had become saturated with these memories. Suddenly my mobile sprang to life waking me from the trance. I answered it, it was mom.

" Beta where are you? Its 10:45 and your dad is really upset."

"Coming mom, on my way" i answered

I gave a sigh as i mounted on my bike and saw the mist dissolve into the thin atmosphere amidst the blinding lights.

I couldnt resist a reminisent smile.....
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