Thursday, 31 July 2014

Well Played!

She was in the canteen, alone.
He was with his friends.

He was everything she wanted in her life. 
He turned back and their eyes met. She blushed and looked away.
Coyly he stood up and paced towards her. Her heart raced, felt vibration in her pocket.

He stopped, she stood.
He blushed, she smiled. 
 All of a sudden he went on his knees and proposed.
she answered "Yes" and smiled , His friends cheered.
She had never been so happy in her life.

She checked her phone, there was a message, from him!
"I have a dare, Please play along"

Sunday, 20 July 2014


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Its a dark place
where the sun has lost its way
Or shining the rays of dismay?

A forest of darkness
where  the corpses of the dead dreams
rots in oblivion
and the screams of aspirations
captured and tortured by failures
ravages the ear.

The Mind becomes the prisoner 
of apprehension, just like a criminal
waiting for his execution.
A fateful tragedy.

Its dark but your eyes can see
the eternal gloom. Your ears can listen 
to the sound of faith crumbling,
hopes shattering,
heart pounding,
mind numbing.
Its you succumbing
to depression.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


I never believed it, but that time i was sure.
Loneliness was my disease and you were the cure.
When the sun was hiding, i searched for your face
There was coldness in my heart and you sparked the blaze
The impenetrable fortress, you made me melt
Sudden tingly sensation, inside my heart, i felt
I wanted it to end, but this feeling, it didn't subside
It was an illusion and i wanted to be trapped inside.

My heart was barren and the seeds of love you've sown
It was all i had and all of it you own.
Cruel strike from reality and face off with my fate
slowly and silently,the illusion dissipates
Those seeds of love, they withered in the sand
and the story of love, met its dreadful end.
I craved for a shower of love, but it never rained
My heart was barren and barren it remained.

There was a dream now shattered like a glass
Broken reflections of my soul, scattered quite afar
It would take some time to collect them all
As one needs some to rise, after a massive fall
Chilled melancholy killed me and i wanted to be free
Happiness is addictive, like a truck it ran over me
crushed, sliced and torn in the love that i didnt find.
Left with broken heart, to exchange for a peace of mind.

Coldness has seeped in ,solitude is my mate
Crumbling leaves of memories, fall was their fate
Reason and passion in their chronic battle
turned emotions into a dust that doesn't settle.
Walled and fortified, my heart is now.
Dont hit me questions like why? and How?
For i craved for a shower of love, but it never rained
My heart was barren and barren it remained.