Thursday, 5 July 2012


"Finally!" I exclaimed, my last paper got over. The most relaxing sensation i had in the last 4 months, the moment i waited for has finally arrived.

"Free at last" i said to my friend Nishant who wasnt much animated from this fact but yet i knew what he would be feeling..

" lets have a walk to the metro station", i said to him to which he agreed. On the way to the metro station, we talked and criticised many philosophical ideas.  how capitalism has led to the formation of a puppet state, how marx failed to understand characteristics ofprecolonial Indian economy and much more.

I cant help myself gloating on the fact that i have become a plenary philosopher myself.

Me and my friend boarded a less crowded metro. I grabbed my favorite seat and our conversation continued till the lady announcer announced the commencement of Kashmiri Gate metro station. My friend deboarded there..

As swarms of people gathered around me the cool ambience of metro car turned rather sardined and smelly. "gosh its hot and its Delhi" i muttered.

I dont know what dawned on me at that time
I took out my question paper and went through its contents again.." what the fish"
I had screwed my last answer..

"All is well,all is well. damn". These famous lines from an even more famous actor was turning futile for my heart was not such imbecile.
Now when everything fails.. God comes.. I started muttering gods name, starting from hanuman chalisa in the hope that hanumanji wud unscrew my last answer.
The metro lady announced Hauz Khas and i deboarded.

It was a sultry afternoon which can be best experienced after getting out from an air conditioned compartment..
"Damn" i remarked and quickly mounted on my bike. To vex me even more,there was a heavy traffic and a red light.
I haulted my bike, waited for the green signal and restarted  my chanting of hanuman chalisa..

In the meanwhile a ragamuffin, small kid aged 6 -7 yrs came towards me and asked for some money.

"shoo" i said " age jao" (go ahead).
A stubborn he was, stayed there.
Frustrated i berated him. " bheek kyu maangte ho?( why do you beg?) jaake kuch kaam karo,( do some labour) bekh mangana aachi baat nahi hai( begging is not cool)

Saying this, i resumed my prayers.

"Bhaiya" he said. "Humare pass kuch nahi hai" (we dont have anything) isliye hum bheek mangte hai.( thats why we beg)
"Sabkuch hote hoe bhi aap kyu mangte ho?"( despite having everything, why do you beg?)

As. I looked forward, the signal turned green.

"Moron" i muted and sped away..

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