Saturday, 23 June 2012

A Summer Wave

It was dawn,
the sky was grey,
Even the sun was lost in the slumber today.
There i was, sitting on the beach. sapped,exhausted,
gloomy and lonely..
Head bent, cursing semester exams ha!
All in front of me,was nothing but a bottomless sea,
Sleeping in its listless monotony..

Suddenly came a noise from far, a rhapsody
as melodic as a watersong,
or a whimper of an infant born.
A push from the bottom, handshake from the sky.
A kiss from the winds, shore greeted a "hi"
Consuming everything in her way,mischievous a child,
She was out to play.

Boom, she stormed on the rocks all around me
Pulling me out from the dark fog of misery.

Riding on the current, she was the giant of the sea.
Saw me alone at the shore, she leaped over me.
Drenching me with every bit of her,
Stripped me out from my fatigue, filled me with vigour
Came along moisture clad winds, piercing my body,reaching my soul.
Relaxed, perplexed i stood,
Drowned, not a bit i moved.
Offered her my body
With her femininity,
Unleashed upon me, i felt comfort, an empyrean ecstasy..

Leaving me spellbound with her might, she withdrew.
and there was an ominous silence again for a while.
A clatter i heard, turned my head towards the shore
Swarms of fishermen were out with their oars.
Yellow tinge over the horizon, the sun was on his way.
Breaking the silence, fishermen approached the sea.
For the sea, the mother of all
It was time to feed her babies.
Wave too, the daughter of the sea,
For her siblings, subdued meekly.....



  1. Hello, visiting today from Poetry Pantry where I dropped by to post a short poem. I read your imaginative and stunning poem - really like the image of the swarms of fisherman and their oars, just beautiful!

  2. A magical poem! Loved the imagery.

  3. i liked the playful way you described the wave. :)