Sunday, 26 August 2012


Initially i thought i would write something funny on coal like this..
   coal coal coal, you are so funny
   why are you digging a hole in our economy?

There are some hidden realities, some cruel and dark facts associated with the black gold. Even darker than the coal.

photo credits- energy4me

A poor family of two, lived alone on the hill
Had nothing with them except a land to till
A ray of hope for an old woman and her son
was this land they had, for cultivation.

His sweat dripped profusely, As the sun took its toll
His spade struck a stone, no it was the coal.
Hastily he rushed to his mother "Ma, our fate, now we own
i discovered coal here, our dark days are gone"

This joy was transient as his land got sacked
when the chief mining officer of the state, came to inspect
"we are taking 70% of this land, the coal here is the best
if you want to know why, its for the national intrest"

Government took its share,left a meager plot in his hand
"Dont worry" said the mother," we still have our land"
"but ma what can be sown on this land so small?"
"Son,its still better than having nothing at all"

Government captured 70%, rest was usurped by goons
He retaliated, got beaten and succumbed to his wounds
Mother and her son got nothing but a tragic aftermath
Coal meant to bring prosperity, just brought death.

Lonely old woman, her chulha has stopped breathing smoke
the foul smell of the coke around now makes her choke
She will keep on burning from inside, till she is dead
From the fire of this coal, Painted red.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


image from- google images
Soul, a formless form
present in all living beings
source of profound peace.

Force indestructable
eternal, all prevading
unborn and undead.

A body perishes.
soul moves on and verily
accepts a new body.

As humans discard
Their old and wornout clothes
and buys a new one.

This idea of soul and definition is provided in the holy book of Hinduism, The bhagvadgita. Chapter 2 verse 17 - 25.

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

World Free of Nuclear Weapons.

This 9 Aug marked the 67th anniversary of the atomic blast in Nagasaki. This calamity had many dire consequences but most importantly posed a greater question in front of the world order. Is humanity safe with these nuclear weapons around ? When nuclear weapons have become an integral component of nearly every nations arsenal?

A must read article that i came across.
Here is the link 

.A man witnessed two nuclear explosions

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Enough was the bloodshed, enough were the wars.
Enough of the testing how much can the earth endure?
Enough of the threat that pertains near by
Enough of these red rivers and sooty sky.

So let's all come and live together as one.
Let's make this world free of nuclear weapon.

Impact of the nuclear weapons was felt worldwide.
When the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with their heart out, cried.
Humanity was pushed to the edge by their discovery.
Damage done to the cities was beyond any recovery.
So let's amass happiness not bombs, in tons.
Let's make this world free of nuclear weapons.

Millions of people were wiped with an explosion
All that the world witnessed was a mass human erosion.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki blew up with a hubble
"Little boy" and "Fat man" turned vivacious cities into rubble.

Generations of survivors still carry the pain.
View of destruction haunts them again and again.
Only way out of this peril is to renounce war.
Living with peace is only way to be secure.

 So lets learn together to live under the sun.
Let's make this world free of nuclear weapon.

Visualizing their impact, we should also reduce their threats
This will happen only if countries remove their nuclear warheads.
Nuclear power shouldn't be just used to fight.
By tapping it, a millions homes we can light.

If  the Incident of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has taught us a lesson
Then let's make this world free of nuclear weapon.       

Monday, 6 August 2012


Stars too have a life span, but a star, the creator of the light remains immortal beyond the scope of this word itself.

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Giant bodies of gas
shining brightly at a distance

Sun, our nearest star
preserver and sustainer
of all living beings

Begetters of light
Immortal than immortal
Very brief lifespan.

written for - Haiku heights

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Today Never Goes

It was a normal day and i was busy pasting posters across the campus to invite people to join my society. The poster mentioned TODAY as the day on which auditions were to be held. I pondered and realised what if people read this poster the next day, or what if this poster stated Tomorrow instead of Today, the people might have never come. Everyday is a today and once we determine to complete our tasks today itself. Its never gonna be too late for anything.

photo credits- google images.

Sunny, bright mornings or wet rainy days
The nature surprises us in many different ways
Whats gonna be today, nobody knows
Each day is today, the today never goes.

Pangs of anxiety, 3 words you wanna speak
to your beloved but you find yourself weak
Take a ring with you and a dress red as rose
Propose her today,The today never goes.

Slight misunderstandings, clear them right away
Best friends forever are always meant to stay
Dont let your ego turn your friends into foes
Apologise today, the today never goes.

There are times full of highs and lows
Nothing stays forever in time's ceaseless flow
Thank all those people who have molified your woes
Thank them today, the today never goes.

Life is short, dont sit idle and wait
do it now before it gets too late
Live your life to the fullest before the, curtain close
Live it all today because the today never goes...