Saturday, 19 October 2013

Purpose of Smile

In the autumn of  life
when the fall is nearing,
there is an ample time to reflect.
The dawn has begun
and the endless night is waiting
i am willing to trade goods for mercy.

From the first job to the long retirement
life has gone, wasted in planning.
No time to stop, miss a train
get late, sleep hard and make a call
to an old friend.
No time to behold and enjoy little moments
that brings smile to our face
lazy hours after working late.

In an airconditioned cabin
amidst the paper work
no rustling of paper i heard
when a N.G.O came to teach
nearby slum children.
Occasional mirth from the window outside
disturbed me sometimes.
but amidst the scorn
i envied their happiness, their contentment.

A youth long gone and money is all that is left.
rationality and ambition that guided my youth
has died slowly.
All that i longed for is happiness and memories.
But i am not dead yet.

My grandson looks like his dad, when he was born
and the waning glow, has returned somehow.
Its not too late to live a life, gain those moments
that makes you smile
Now as i see my grandson and his mischiefs, all i do
is smile.


  1. all i longed for....but i am not dead yet...
    to me those are strong lines
    in having not given up hope of achieving that.
    it is never too late.

  2. I have thoughts like these often. Glad you're in a space to be able to enjoy the ones you love. Do what you want for a change and be happy. Sending good thoughts for a time of contentment.