Sunday, 4 August 2013

Make a wish

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"This psychotic serial killer is on a rampage, 3 weeks and 3 girls dead. His stats now read a staggering number of 13 murders in three months, Is our city safe, what is local police doing? What is commisioner Maxwell doing? It is high time for him to res..."

 Gerald Maxwell switched off his television set but that silence was not able to soothe and console his agitated mind, how can a killer be so crafty, witty to be able to deceive him. all his years of experience no good. Its over three months and still no clue.How can someone be so efficient? All these questions gave him sleepless nights. whenever he closed his eyes, the brutal images of corpses flashed in his mind. This killer was needed to be caught. 

"Gentlemen, From now on, a special task force shall be made for pursuit of the killer, headed by our very own Mr Lecter." lecter was one of the most decorated officer in the crime investigation department, he specialised in psychology. 
" Gentlemen, this is certainly a unique case, while its evident form his way of killing that he is a psychotic killer and mutilated corpses suggests that this is a way of delivering his justice. He is unlike all psychotic killer whom i have caught or heard about, He is smarter than all and certainly doesnt want to get caught. He doesnt like killing. He despise it and kills out of compulsion. He doesnt like to play around with puzzles but rather performs a peculiar form of execution" 
" which is" someone asked 
"He asks them to make a wish before slaying them and burning them, he makes it clear that he will not spare them at any cost. Most of them wished to call the police and interestingly, he complied everytime" 
"Yes, and we missed him every damn time, no cctv footage no clue anywhere, 13 deaths and we have failed everytime" said commissioner dejectedly.

"Hmm i see, there are no sketches and has evaded police more than 7 times. This count shall stop at 13 only, we can do nothing but wait for his next move, we shall have just one chance to catch him. He thinks he cant be caught, he thinks he is invincible. i have to prove him wrong"

 Another hectic day at work but yes the work was done, the girl this time was screamo, damn what a headache, she wanted to call the police, hahah silly girl, i granted her wish and yet she was killed, no one can escape from me, no one can catch me.. I AM GOD. 

He sat near his bed. It was a long night and this a beautiful morning. A morning apt for a morning walk in the park. As he doned his tracksuit, the flashes of his lovely time with his wife engulfed his mind, how they both used to go together for a morning walk untill one dark night. 

They were having a quite dinner, together, a romantic one. She was wearing his favorite dress, as dazzling she was, he fell in love with her,each second.

Thuderous knock on the door broke the silence, she opened the door, it was police. 
"Mrs turner, you are arrested for the fraud of $20,000, you have the right to remail silent, whatever you will say can be used against you" 
 "Officer there may have been a huge misunderstanding" 

"No Mr turner, there are enough evidences to convict her"
Amidst the pandemonium, she was sentenced for 10 years. The media, finance company celebrated it as the victory of justice. 
She could not bear the trauma, the embarresment.

She killed herself. 


 "There is no justice in this world, Innocent people are killed and convicted, now there will be justice, i will bring it, i will decide whom to convict, they will serve punishment, i will decide, yes will,  because i can, I am right, i am just, I am GOD" 

He fed on fear, he relished the pain and scream. He saw the fear in their eyes. one revealing how hideous they were from inside, how corrupt was their soul and the other eye gazing him, judging him. He removed them both, everytime.....

" Uncle, have you seen my doll, Alex threw it and it came here. Uncle please tell me, i have to go home as early as possible"

 "Well there is no doll around, here,well take this new one, i bought it for my daughter but she is not here. She wont mind, You can take it. you can Stay for a while" 

" Thank you uncle but my mo m tells me there is a killer around, i need to go home"
 " Okay then, see you tomorrow, bye"

As she left, he felt an empty excitement of how his daughter would have looked if his pregnant wife would not have committed suicide.. .

This morning he felt something different but nothing unusual. Swift gush of blood, sudden hormonal release, sweaty hands.. He needed to KILL! 

"Uncle why have you brought me here? What do you want me to show?" 

"Hey kiddo, i want you to make a wish and look me in the eye while doing so" 

"Oh uncle so you are.....You will kill me?" 

" You are smarter than i thought, Make a wish"

 "why do you want to kill me? what have i done? Please let me go to my mom"

"You are going to die. Make a wish.. FASSSST!" he shouted.

" Uncle, i wish that you cannot kill anybody, anymore" 

"WHAT! how dare you" 

He slit her throat, a red stream trickled from her neck, he eyes remained open as if questioning why? but that doestnot matter. she was now lifeless. 
His thirst was not quenched, he wasnt satisfied but he was the God. her wish was to be fulfilled.
 He went home and tried to sleep. .


"Sir we have an intel on the criminal, he abducted a 7year old girl. We have the sketch. He is 
Frank Turner, lives on 10 spring street' 

" We will find him at his home i am sure" Lecter concluded.....


 "Dad why did you kill me,  dont you love me?' 

" No i love you sarah, " 

"No you dont, you killed me, i am so sad" 

"No please dont go, i am coming".........


"This is the house, lets get him" 
"Sir, here is nothing"
 Lecter sensed something, he went to the bedroom. 

He found there the remains of a mere mortal.... 
"We have him, he is dead, seems like a heart attack" Lecter informed.

 " I dont mind, now he cant kill anybody, anymore" Commisioner concluded...

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  1. what Little Princess said spooky it was .. Very nice .. All the Best for BAT

    My Entry - Vikas Khair - Wishes

  2. Hey Ash...loved your story, and you have narrated it very well :) In the starting you gave me a feel like I'm reading Sherlock Homes or something like this...A great piece of work :)

  3. suspense thriller.. loved it.. :)
    All the best for BAT :)

  4. fast pacy story,very different,very good. There are few grammatical errors which you should take care off