Sunday, 16 December 2012

She waits for a storm

She waits for a storm
A storm which will bring down 
the edifices of patriarchy
and reduce them to dust.

Storm of warm winds, healing
and demanding an answer
for the wounds and the taunts
for the memories that haunts'
for the pain inflicted
physically and psychologically.
segregation and discrimination she faced
for being different biologically.
equality will prevail, female or male
As her eyes full of hope , from her home
She patiently waits for a storm

A storm that will empower her
and will blazen her fight.
As hot and vicious as the fire
which burnt her neighbour outside.
Era of dominance, it wont last when
Rape and dowry will become a thing of the past.

Slowiy and graduallly,her patience begins to wane
as the flag bearer of empowerment
began to falter from their promises.
She loses all her hope from the feminism
a movement,gravely suffers from elitism.
The cycle of same old renditions started long ago
and the world is the stage, but it has nothing new to show
she turns her head away from the window
from where she had waited.

She is frail but her will never died
Many forces she counters, as she concieves a girl child.
leaves her house, the society and the bondage
and feels free, like a lioness in the wild.
A path not easy, to make her ends meet
but she never stumbled walking on her frail legs.
she raises her child.

As her daughter starts to grow up,  now she walks to her school
with a heavy bag ,full of books.
Her mother realises that the seeds, ready to stir,
the world with a revolution, were always within her.

Now she watches her daughter silently
reading her textbook, sees the moment, that wont be long
she had been confident but never as sure of it before
and she waits for a storm..

Education is the key towards empowerment. originally written for poets united


  1. Very powerful and strongly written... I like the repeat of 'she waits for a storm.' I still find it difficult to imagine living in a place or time where girls are not allowed an education. I love how she lived to see her dream being to come to fruition in her daughter.

  2. I hope the storm comes soon. This poem is well written in terms of expressing emotions.

  3. Interesting commentary and reflections!

  4. very strong post.. very apt to the topic .

    1. well this was no topic. this phase directly came to my head.. thank you for liking it.

  5. Beautiful composition, Ash.

    Could relate this storm in many ways to our lives or the natural disaster...

    1. Thank you..

      This storm is a storm of change :-)

  6. knowledge is the best way to change your social standing in america right now at least...and it is great to see those once denied the right now putting it to use for change...

    1. Not only america but in around the world, there is no substitute of education.. Thank you for your valuable comment.

  7. so cool ...She is frail but her will never died... and her daughter gets the chance to learn and is a powerful force to bring social change

    1. Indeed education is the most powerful force. Thank you :-)

  8. The repetition was very effective. We need a storm on many fronts, or many fronts with storms, sorry, but very well written and strongly communicated, whether equality or freedom to be. Excellente!

  9. ..strong evocative write... and volumes a real point... great share...


  10. Oh, the storm will come... the storm will come. May take many smaller storms to change the landscape, but they are inevitable. They will come.

    1. Yes, she is sure of that, Thank you for dropping in :-)

  11. Great One Ash! and her storm will come with all her dreams on board..bravo!

  12. full of patience, passion, faith... beautiful!

  13. ...and she will wait for the storm...lovely. Thank you.

    1. And that wait will be worth it. Thanks for your comment :-)

  14. Strong and evocative education opens eyes to the wider world so long as it does not corrupt but improve and enhance then it is for the good no matter where in the world, a wonderful poem