Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ofcourse I am Insane

So after two months of assignments and semester exams, i am back on the blogosphere ready to write for blog a ton.

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A classic courtroom scene. Mr accused was seated in the wooden palisade.

"All rise" Usher echoed as Mr Judge took his executive chair. the court was ready for the proceedings.

"First case of the day"

Judge : What are the charges

Procecution : (a heavy sign)Mr Accused is charged of illegally occupying and hijacking an army truck, crashing the corridoor of the main post office building. Mr accused is charged of rash driving, running the army truck through the central park which resulted in uprooted trees, demolished benches and fountains. Mr accused then drove his truck onto the electricity poles which resulted in the blackout in 6 houses. Mr accused destroyed the underconstruction charity home before crashing the army truck into the city bank. 12 people suffered minor injuries and none were fatally wounded. rough estimation of public property loss will run into millions..

Judge : Mr accused, You dont look like a perfectly sane individual, Before assigning you a sentence for these offences, the court wshes to know about the circumstances that compelled you to do so.

Mr Accused seemed nonchalant was fiddling with a photograph half torn carrying last vestiges of sanity. Mr Accused looked innocously towards the judge perhaps not realising the gravity of the situation, he waved and said "Yo"

Judge : Mr Accused, why arent you paying attention? Are you insane?

Many questions were asked before and after he went on a rampage but no other question was as apt as this one. no other question was more worth answering than this trivial question or rather he only had the answer to this question. He took out that torn photograph from his pocket and started waving it.

Mr Accused : Hey judge look at this. people smiling gleefully
This is a photo of me and my family
A snapshot of the last christmas, which we spent together
yes, last, alas, something to cherish forever

This my son, a soldier on the taliban hunt
was brave and valient, serving on the pakistan front
He fought the climate, the flood and the sand
Hauled criminals, shot terrorists but was captured in the end.

But your nation hasnt paid any heed at all
he is in their cells, beaten and mauled
Is this how you treat a soldier who fought for you all
Is this the way you answer, a soldiers desperate call ?

But i felt helpless had nothing but my wife
seems like the happiness has been ripped out of my life
Dreams of him languishing doesnt let me sleep on my bed
I no longer pray for his life, he is better off dead.

While me and my wife were dealing with this pain
Our misfortunes struck us, once again
Time when my wifes cancer began to draw attention
Government decided to withhold my pension

I pleaded at the office, they showed me the writ
Government is liable to cut pensions, when its in deficit
I lost my house, my saving but i wasnt alone, i knew
All i had was my wife but eventually i lost her too.

Your nation is in deficit, deficit of faith and trust
From the citizens like me, system has filled me with disgust
Witnessing all this, it was difficult to keep my sense intact
yeah Ofcourse i am insane and thats the fact..

Judge : Mr Accused, you have very well presented your case. after analysing the circumstances, i instruct government to send you to the asylum for 6 months for a careful study. In the meanwhile i will write to the government to install a new branch of asylums dealing with system driven insane individuals.....

(Bang) Next case.....

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  1. Hmm. People who don't care, don't care even if you present the facts to them, even if they know they are facts. That's insanity for sure.

    1. Well some people dont really care but some people like that judge do care but cant actually do anything. When there is something wrong in the system, people gets accustomed to it, some remain oblivious and some helpless.

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  3. Sad case's a mad mad mad world undoubtedly! Enjoyed reading this~
    ATB for BAT...

  4. That is horrible what the judge said.... Remorse one.. Good.. ATB for the BAT...

    1. Indeed but one couldnt help sympathising with the judge as how helpless he feels while he takes the dig at the system. He has to deliver a sentence on the other hand convey the govt of how this system is not just to the people like mr accussed. Well thanks and ATB to you too.

  5. made a very compelling read. And imagine its is not a fiction, It actually happens!

    1. Thank you. Yup many of these things certainly happens enough to drive a sane individual nuts.

  6. its captivating and touching...nice..GOD LOVE U

  7. Nice rhyme. Reminds me of a scene by Chandrababu! Keep writing :) All the best for BAT!!

  8. Ohh! My god, I think judges like this spoil the entire rotten judicial system in our country. A hopeless case where the accuse is not to be blamed, but the cynical government & insane judges, man in power are to be undone. This was one of the entries I have read!
    All the very very best friend :) Thanks for writing such a wonderful post!

    1. This judge not only a part of rotten system but also a helpless individual. He on the oneside delivers a sentence to the accused disposing his duty and the other hand takes a dig at the system in a more subtle way, however the power hungry despots suffers no dearth in our system and indeed thats something we have to fear. Thanks for liking my post, i feel honored.:-)

  9. *Sigh* true story indeed...this is what happens...everyine is blind in a way that all they see is wat they want

  10. *Sigh* true story indeed...this is what happens...everyone is blind in a way that all they see is wat they want

    1. Certainly, rightly said. Thanks for dropping in :-)

  11. Justice is blind. Judgements never create 'completion', in the sense, there after every one concerned would be at 'peace'. In fact Justice and peace do not co-exist. If we want peace in the society, we need to let compassion come ahead of justice. But that happens only in the dictionaries:-)

    1. That is a nice assessment you have made. I hope compassion you mean would be from the society because justice system is neutral. In this case, the conditions were explicit hence true, compassion should have preceeded justice. Thanks for dropping in :-)

  12. poetry with a well written
    It is really true that our system is rotten to the core. Is it really possible to change the system? I hope so but really cant see it happening

    1. A truly relevant question you have raised there but the basic need of the hour is to reform the system if not change it. There might be umpteen conspiracy theories popping out from the reform theory but an inclusive reform could to an extend will suffice. Thanks for liking it :-)

  13. I read a story about a terrorist (Untold story) and then a story about a soldier's father who has gone nuts (well, socially declared to have). I'm intrigued: which part of the planet are you from (where is sociological influence coming from)? What's your ethnicity?

    1. Haha i am an oblivious human being. Paradoxically this lens of oblivion allows me to deviate from the established realities and notice their respective inherent contradictions, all around us which we often disregard. All these outbursts are the result these contradictions only. Well if you liked my story then u would also like my poem called COAL.

    2. Not an answer, but I'll take what you say as I can relate to it.