Tuesday, 14 August 2012


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Soul, a formless form
present in all living beings
source of profound peace.

Force indestructable
eternal, all prevading
unborn and undead.

A body perishes.
soul moves on and verily
accepts a new body.

As humans discard
Their old and wornout clothes
and buys a new one.

This idea of soul and definition is provided in the holy book of Hinduism, The bhagvadgita. Chapter 2 verse 17 - 25.

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  1. If the soul is only a source of profound peace, what about the tortured souls in the world? My brother was one of them. He took his own life three years ago...

    How Will My Soul

    1. I am very sorry for your brother but you see there are no tortoured souls in this world, its just a literary term, there may be a tortured mind, a mind confused, depressed unhappy or vengeful. Soul is the source of profound peace because while meditating, a person tries to reach to his soul and experiences calmness, sensation of peace, breaks all material chains from this world, plunge into the sea of spirituality, irrational peace.. There aren't even tortured souls in hell, a soul is punished for its sins and enters into a new body thus a cycle of death and life continues. Meditation, Yoga, spiritual exercises serve as a balm to the "agonised souls.."

  2. I liked the haiku and your response too...very wise.. and ah, talking about unchained ideas.. Welcome..to the world of Haiku..
    Let me see if I can be the first member here..