Sunday, 26 August 2012


Initially i thought i would write something funny on coal like this..
   coal coal coal, you are so funny
   why are you digging a hole in our economy?

There are some hidden realities, some cruel and dark facts associated with the black gold. Even darker than the coal.

photo credits- energy4me

A poor family of two, lived alone on the hill
Had nothing with them except a land to till
A ray of hope for an old woman and her son
was this land they had, for cultivation.

His sweat dripped profusely, As the sun took its toll
His spade struck a stone, no it was the coal.
Hastily he rushed to his mother "Ma, our fate, now we own
i discovered coal here, our dark days are gone"

This joy was transient as his land got sacked
when the chief mining officer of the state, came to inspect
"we are taking 70% of this land, the coal here is the best
if you want to know why, its for the national intrest"

Government took its share,left a meager plot in his hand
"Dont worry" said the mother," we still have our land"
"but ma what can be sown on this land so small?"
"Son,its still better than having nothing at all"

Government captured 70%, rest was usurped by goons
He retaliated, got beaten and succumbed to his wounds
Mother and her son got nothing but a tragic aftermath
Coal meant to bring prosperity, just brought death.

Lonely old woman, her chulha has stopped breathing smoke
the foul smell of the coke around now makes her choke
She will keep on burning from inside, till she is dead
From the fire of this coal, Painted red.


  1. Wow... very sad. I'd love to think this kind of thing doesn't really happen, but unfortunately I know better. I like poems like this that make me think differently, consider other sides, other stories. Well written... well done.

  2. I agree. A work that can make me think in a different way is most important.

  3. It was really touching rather a wonderful attempt that throws light on the very realities of the world.

  4. I can see that you put a lot of work into this poem, both in its message and form.

    1. Ya, quite true. Thank you for stopping by :-)

  5. Sometimes it's poetic justice exposing the downfall of greed in such a poetic way, in this case the government and power mongers Powerful tale of survival, hope, then the after effects of another's greed and the tragedy of it all.

    So many no doubt went through this sort of experience. The after effects live on today in parts of the country/countries where coal was the mainstay of the land.

    1. Indeed, you hit the nail on the head. Tale of greed at the higher level often masquarades itself as the national interest. I wish all stories could have a happy ending but sadly, realities are cruel.

  6. A sad, powerful piece. I enjoyed the story form.

  7. there is a hard reality in this...i have done some relief work in some of the old coal mining communities...and the people there tht know no different....go on living without seeing a way out...its a hard place....

    1. Really a sad reality. Your effort is commendable i hope it bring some change.

  8. Nothing can come between a person and their greed, sad state of affairs that this happens indeed.

  9. Yes - awful. I tend to think the coal companies are somewhat worse than the government though, in this regard. k .

    1. Evil nexus between companies and government is present everywhere. :-)